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Re: C++ mode and c-beginning-of-current-token

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: C++ mode and c-beginning-of-current-token
Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 14:59:45 +0200
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> Is this bug only in unicode-2?  Does it affect Emacs 22?

There are two bugs with identical structure - one in `skip_chars' and
one in `scan_words'.  The bug in `skip_chars' occurs when you invoke
Emacs with the unibyte option.  IMO it's virulent in the unicode-2
branch only.  The bug in `scan_words' occurs with Emacs -Q.  That bug
will be hardly noticed ever since `backward-word' practically never
relies on syntax-table properties.  Patching any of these is hairy
because neither Guanpeng nor I seem to understand the interval updating
code sufficiently well.  Hence, unless we find someone with intimate
knowledge of the interval code, I'd propose to not touch it for the
release.  We could try to fix them in the trunk and the Unicode branch
and see what happens.

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