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Re: bignum support + calc + GNU Emacs

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: bignum support + calc + GNU Emacs
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 15:57:38 +0200
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

> If we really want bignums, we may as well do it through libgmp.

Agreed.  It seems however like overkill to require this for uuid.
Requiring some part of calc, in contrast, seems to be at a reasonable
level of pain.  It would be nice to have calc use bignums when they
are compiled in, but I don't know whether that is realistic: calc has
not been updated to make use of floating point where available (that
was supposed to be the point of calc 3 which presumably was already
running in prototype state for Dave Gillespie at one point of time,
probably 12 years ago.  All attempts to contact him about this have,
however, failed).  It does not even make use of the available range
for integers (which has grown since calc's inception).

Or even menus.  It would be a worthwhile task to bring calc up to the
features provided by Emacs 19, so I am somewhat sceptical that it will
help much if we set ourselves calc goals based on prospective Emacs 23

David Kastrup

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