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Re: Image-mode enhancements (post-release)

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: Image-mode enhancements (post-release)
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 21:53:39 +0200

> One other useful feature which is not currently implemented would be
> to resize the image to fit the Emacs window if it is too large, and
> to provide a way to toggle between the full-sized and window-fitted
> versions of the image (Firefox has a similar feature).

tumme (or whatever it is called now) has a mode like that.

And here it is:

(defun image-dired-display-image (file &optional original-size)
 "Display image FILE in image buffer.
Use this when you want to display the image, semi sized, in a new
window.  The image is sized to fit the display window (using a
temporary file, don't worry).  Because of this, it will not be as
quick as opening it directly, but on most modern systems it
should feel snappy enough.

If optional argument ORIGINAL-SIZE is non-nil, display image in its
original size."


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