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RE: Things I would like to be added after the release

From: klaus.berndl
Subject: RE: Things I would like to be added after the release
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 11:36:44 +0200

address@hidden wrote:
> Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:
>> It would be nice to get CEDET and ECB included, but that is a big
>> job. People need to (1) study whether these packages are implemented
>> in the best way to fit naturally into Emacs, then (2) change whatever
>> neds changing to make that so, then (3) get legal papers from
> Cedet is legally ready to be included in emacs acording to Eric
> Ludlam. Some parts, such as the speedbar, already are.
> If you enable all the Cedet features at the same time, some
> emacs users will be confused, possibly even annoyed. So my strategy
> would be to just include cedet in the emacs core, in which case it
> does nothing, and then try it out piece by piece.
> ECB might require more attention since its written with a lot of
> defadvice. Again I would propose simply merging this package(after
> Cedet) and take care of the defadvices one by one, to see if more
> natural emacs facilities can be created.

(3) in Richards list will not be the problem... ;-) - in the other aspects
i agree with Richard, at least concerning ECB (can not speak for cedet)...
we had already a discussion which changes in the Emacs-core would be necessary
to remove a lot of the advices (or at least to code them much more
simple)... most important a new flag on a window-object (similar to the
dedicated-flag) which prevents such a window from being affected by 
window-operations like delete-other-windows etc...

(See a thread called "ECB" in this mailing list from ~ july 2004)

But here is (4): Currently ECB contains a lot of compatibility-code so
ECB runs as best as possible with Emacs and XEmacs... this is a goal of
ECB and should remain as a goal. I doubt Richard wants to have XEmacs-
compatibility-code in the ECB integrated in the Emacs-trunc ;-)

But then we would have to maintain two ECB-trunks: That one integrated into
Emacs and that one running with both emacs-flavors...

In general i would greatly appreciate if ECB could be integrated into Emacs but
seems really be a big big job...

To get a realistic picture about the necessary code-changing-efforts it would 
help to get a "review" of the code from one of the Emacs-gurus responsible for
Emacs-coding-guidelines and responsible for integrating big packages...
The code is well documented (at least in most cases) and should follow
Emacs coding standards... but its really a huge code-base!


>> everyone involved.
>> Would people like to start on these tasks?

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