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contribution of ruby-mode.el

From: Nobuyoshi Nakada
Subject: contribution of ruby-mode.el
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 04:12:07 +0900
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Dear emacs developers:

I am Nobuyuki Nakada, a member of the ruby developer team.  As Seiji
Zenitani told you, we are pleased to contribute our ruby-mode.el to
emacs main code. In addition to the attached file, the following
entries may be added.

 '("\\.rbw?\\'" . ruby-mode) --> auto-mode-alist
 '("ruby" . ruby-mode)       --> interpreter-mode-alist

* The RBW extension often is used on Windows platforms to invoke
  `rubyw.exe', the non-console mode interpreter.

The nontrivial contributors are:

  Yukihiro Matsumoto <address@hidden>
  Nobuyoshi Nakada <address@hidden>

Best wishes,
Nobuyuki Nakada

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