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Re: dired mode recursive delete

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: dired mode recursive delete
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 12:29:22 +0300
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>>>> The problem with this setting is that it emphasizes the fact that
>>>> Emacs doesn't support cross-device recursive copies.
>>>                                                ^^^^^^
>>> I meant `renames' of course.  Copies will now work recursively by
>>> default, renames will as well, unless the destination is on another
>>> device.
>> Could we eliminate this restriction in dired since now coreutils supports
>> cross-partition recursive directory renames.
> What has coreutils to do with it?

Coreutils contains the command `mv' which starting from the version 4.0
(when it was part of Fileutils, later combined into Coreutils with
Shellutils and Textutils) can move a entire directory hierarchy
between partitions.

Here is what the node (info "(coreutils)mv invocation") says about this:

       `mv' can move any type of file from one file system to another.
    Prior to version `4.0' of the fileutils, `mv' could move only regular
    files between file systems.  For example, now `mv' can move an entire
    directory hierarchy including special device files from one partition
    to another.  It first uses some of the same code that's used by `cp -a'
    to copy the requested directories and files, then (assuming the copy
    succeeded) it removes the originals.  If the copy fails, then the part
    that was copied to the destination partition is removed.  If you were
    to copy three directories from one partition to another and the copy of
    the first directory succeeded, but the second didn't, the first would
    be left on the destination partition and the second and third would be
    left on the original partition.

Juri Linkov

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