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Re: Texinfo XML support in Emacs Info browser

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: Texinfo XML support in Emacs Info browser
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 11:39:52 +0200
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() Juri Linkov <address@hidden>
() Sun, 03 Jun 2007 02:03:03 +0300


interesting.  i had to modify `Info-xml-select-node' like so:

        ;; Add a new unique history item to full history list
        (let ((new-history (list Info-current-file Info-current-node)))
          (setq Info-history-list
                (cons new-history (delete new-history Info-history-list)))
          (setq Info-history-forward nil))

i think ad-hoc regexp-based approach is likely to be troublesome in the long
run.  so, question: since we have xml.el, why not build a tree immediately?
one answer is that: well, makeinfo --xml output is not always valid.  :-(

e.g.: makeinfo --xml -o edb.info.xml edb.texi
      (xml-parse-file "edb.info.xml")
      => error 

(in edb.info.xml, element `detailedmenu' is not properly nested.  this is
seen using "makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 4.8".)


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