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Re: find-file-noselect needs save-match-data

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: find-file-noselect needs save-match-data
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 08:14:14 -0400
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> Following your opinion, I conclude that it's type-break's
> responsibility to know `find-file-noselect' uses regexps and so it
> should use `save-match-data' when placing it to `post-command-hook'.
> While the name `find-file-noselect' does not indicate it uses regexps,
> and so does its document, it is more or less not appropriate of this
> conclusion to me.

99% of non-trivial functions use regexps.  So you cannot assume a function
doesn't use regexps just because it doesn't say that it uses regexps.
It's rather the opposite: a function can only be assumed not to use regexps
if it is really trivial/primitive (e.g. `car' or `expand-file-name').

Otherwise we'll end up having to either add save-match-data around most
functions, or add a note in their docstring that they may modify the


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