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Re: display.texi: (<line>,<col>) isn't documented.

From: Dieter Wilhelm
Subject: Re: display.texi: (<line>,<col>) isn't documented.
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 22:05:55 +0200
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Juri Linkov <address@hidden> writes:

>>> That is a good point.  Do people think we should swap them?
>> Please don't.
>> When I introduced the new (L,C) format, I looked at a number of other
>> text editors, and they all have line number followed by column number.
>> So that is the conventional sequence.
>> Some examples  (line 123, column 45):
>> VIM:      123,45  
>> Emacs 21: L123  C45
>> Word:     Ln 123  Col 45
>> Nedit:    Line 123   Col 45
> I agree that there is no need to swap them.  The only problem with the
> (L,C) format is that it's not immediately clear where is the line number
> and where is the column number.  Note that other editors have a visual cue
> like "Ln", "Line" and "Col" to indicate which is which.

Yes, it would be clearer with an indicator.  I like the Emacs 21 style
better than the current one.

(But not to be outdone by Vim I remind of the alternative 123c45 8-))

    Best wishes

    H. Dieter Wilhelm
    Darmstadt, Germany

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