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Re: A few questions about desktop.el

From: Davis Herring
Subject: Re: A few questions about desktop.el
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 17:51:42 -0700 (PDT)
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> I have in .emacs
>     (run-at-time 3600 3600 'desktop-save "~")
> so desktop-save silently saves the desktop every hour.
> Does you patch cause a problem by asking questions about file locks
> inside such a timer?

Er, I'm guessing it does... it certainly doesn't check to see if it's
being run in a less than interactive fashion.  (How does one even do that?
 Either of the standard interactive checks?)  But the real question is
what would you want it to do there instead of ask?

 - Is this sort of call supposed to automatically get priority and steal
locks and such?  If so, what happens when two Emacs instances run this
timer (as in interleaved, not even simultaneously)?
 - Alternatively, is it supposed to always fail if a clash is detected?
 - Or should there be entirely different heuristics...?

I guess I should note (partly just to give this message more than one
declarative sentence) that if you don't save the desktop from another
Emacs (even if you start one and re-use this autosaved desktop), it won't
prompt the next time the timer runs.  So if you actually "respect" the
clash detection and don't create a conflicting desktop, there won't be a


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