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Re: gtk scroll bar deficiency

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: gtk scroll bar deficiency
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 15:54:14 -0400
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> I just built emacs with gtk for the first time and I was struck by the
>> change in the scroll bar behavior (specifically, the location of the
>> sliding "scroll thing" - what is its official name anyway?).
> Some toolkits call it the "thumb".

thanks.  what is a "slider" (is there such a word?)

>> before: when the whole buffer is visible, the scroll thing in the bar
>> occupies the whole scroll bar (clearly indicating that everything is
>> visible); when the bottom of the buffer is visible, the scroll thing is
>> at the bottom of the scroll bar. this is also the behavior of gedit,
>> firefox, openoffice, gnumeric et al, and I like it.
>> now: when the whole buffer is visible (more generally, when the bottom
>> is visible), the scroll thing does not reach the bottom of the scroll
>> bar - you can scroll down and, as the bottom of the buffer scrolls up,
>> the scroll thing reaches the bottom of scroll bar (while decreasing in
>> its size). this is the behavior of vim, and I hate it.
>> is this change intentional?
>> it looks like a bug to me...
> I'm pretty sure it's intentional.  It's not perfect, but the perfect
> behavior (which you get with the non-toolkit build)

does this mean that you agree that the first behavior is better?

> tends to be difficult to
> get with current toolkits because toolkit writers are boneheaded

somehow gedit got it right - and it appears to be pretty minimalist by
design ("notepad" for gnome).

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