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Re: Should nXML be included

From: Claus
Subject: Re: Should nXML be included
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 19:45:25 +0200

+1 that nxml-mode is a killer app and a must-have for every Emacs user
editing xml-files (and who is not these days :)

Well, James Clark recently joined the blogsphere and his email address
can be found on his web page[1]. Should be worth trying to contact
him, he used to be very responsive and helpful on the nxml-mailing


[1] http://www.jclark.com/

On 6/13/07, Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:
    Copyright headers are not necessarily correct.  That's why one needs
    the written assignment on file for contributions.  If James has an
    assignment that only covers his (explicit) contributions to Emacs, he
    most certainly can't be held responsible for the accuracy of some
    headers in a file he never contributed to Emacs.

He didn't sign a general assignment for Emacs changes.  He signed
assignments for a few specific files.  They cannot apply to this file.

So we need to contact him and ask for another assignment for this

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Mit freundlichem Gruß,
Claus Klingberg

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