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Re: gtk scroll bar deficiency

From: grischka
Subject: Re: gtk scroll bar deficiency
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 13:46:04 +0200

> The size and position of the thumb is a bug.  But it's a bug which is only
> present with some toolkits because those toolkits make it particularly
> difficult for Emacs to do it right.  So difficult that nobody has been able
> to do it yet.  

Cool, like in 'Sleeping Beauty'. Who is going to kiss the lady?

> For Xaw3d I tried to do it in Emacs, with lots of work I got
> a very mixed result.  Then I turned to the Xaw3d code and I fixed 
> the whole thing by removing three lines (lines which are absent 
> from Xaw, I should mention). Gtk/Motif and other toolkits enforce 
> similar constraints for no technical reasons: just ideological ones. 

Maybe your overestimating. It wasn't likely done to make your life 
harder or anyone's.

> If these ideological 
> reasons had to do with freedom and ethics, I could respect them, 
> but GUI-dogma is not something for which I have any respect.  Sorry.
>         Stefan

Come on, it's not GUI-dogma. It's just that they want their 
work of art to look exactly the same on everyone's computer.

--- grischka

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