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RE: propose adding Icicles to Emacs

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: propose adding Icicles to Emacs
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 06:23:56 -0700

>     What do you mean by "there"? If you mean on
>     `minibuffer-setup-hook', then please reread the above.
> It says that there are things you don't see how to do,
> and that they are in a function `icicle-minibuffer-setup'.
> But it doesn't say what they are.

No, it's the opposite. Stefan asked why I couldn't do what I do now in my
redefined `completing-read', `read-file-name' etc. in
`minibuffer-setup-hook' instead. What I replied ("above") was that I was
already doing all that could be done on that hook (via
`icicle-minibuffer-setup', which is on that hook). IOW, I was saying that I
didn't think that more that is done in `completing-read' etc. could be moved
to `minibuffer-setup-hook' (e.g. to `icicle-minibuffer-setup').

> To study the code to figure that out could take an hour,
> and I have so much work I can't do it that way.
> I need someone to explain to me.

I explained it in detail in my last reply to Stefan.

>     Initializations etc. that are appropriate for only one
>     function (e.g. `completing-read') cannot be put on a hook
>     that is run when every function activates
>     the minibuffer.
> Maybe that is so.  Therefore I need to know what features these things
> are trying to implement, and in general terms how you've implemented
> those features; they I can look for other ways to do it.

Please see my last mail to Stefan, where I replied in detail about each bit
of code in each standard function that I redefine, including
`completing-read'. I detail some solutions and clarify some remaining

Summary: I think some things can be dropped and others would need, IMO, to
be moved into standard Emacs functions such as `completing-read'.

We can address those explanations one by one, if you like.

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