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Re: Saving markup formats

From: Davis Herring
Subject: Re: Saving markup formats
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 20:59:41 -0700 (PDT)
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> - propertize each piece of text, as you insert, with the name of the
>   appropriate category; eg: if you have the following XML:
>     <text:p text:style-name="Standard">Designed a REST binding for the
>             SAML specification for single sign on web
> applications.</text:p>
>   then that would be converted into the following text buffer content:
>     Designed a REST binding for the SAML specification for single sign
>     on web applications.
>   and the text would have a property assigned:
>     category Standard
>   so as to record the origin structure we might also add the following
>   property:
>     element p
>   or:
>     element text:p
> - let the user edit the text, editing would have to include the
>   ability to add, remove or change the category property from/to text.
>   cut and paste is not a problem. the text carries with it the
>   properties it was assigned. That's fine. That's all word processor
>   users expect.

I'm not sure that this property-set really captures the structure of the
document in a way that fits what properties do: if someone kills an entire
paragraph and yanks it inside another paragraph, Emacs won't know that the
text properties "element -> text:p" are from different paragraphs.  If
those paragraphs had different styles or so, you risk losing that
information in the most obvious implementations I can see.


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