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Re: A wish, a plea

From: Nic James Ferrier
Subject: Re: A wish, a plea
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 09:20:44 +0100

address@hidden (Kim F. Storm) writes:

> One of the first things I changed when I started to use Emacs was
> to change the "kill-emacs" binding to C-x C-c C-x
> (global-set-key "\C-x\C-c"    'nil)
> (global-set-key "\C-x\C-c\C-x"        'save-buffers-kill-emacs)
> C-x C-c C-x works really well (it is still easy to type, and I've
> never hit it accidentally).

I agree with this as well, I use F12 and I never hit it by accident
anymore. I used to quit emacs accidentally about 3 times a week.

But I suspect that there's likely to be a barrage of people claiming
that it is vital to their usage of Emacs that C-x C-c always be quit.

(just joking, those people, don't shout at me)

Nic Ferrier

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