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Re: find-file-noselect needs save-match-data

From: Herbert Euler
Subject: Re: find-file-noselect needs save-match-data
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 22:06:10 +0800

Just as a note aside: regular expressions like \(.\)\1 are possible,
so the match data _has_ to be stored somewhere, presumably.  This
might impact the attractiveness of the "C variable" implementation.

Fortunately we can solve this with providing another re_registers
variable.  I've almost finished it, but I got segmentation fault after
adding a DEFVAR_LISP in syms_of_search.  The segfault is triggered
by GC.  Any hint on how to solve it?  Thanks.

I'll post my change later.

Guanpeng Xu

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