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Re: Icon for MacOS

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: Icon for MacOS
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 21:22:41 +0200
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() Kazu Yamamoto (山本和彦) <address@hidden>
() Thu, 28 Jun 2007 12:50:14 +0900 (JST)

   Since Mr. Ohkouchi does not speak English well, the documents in this
   tar ball are written in Japanese. Please feel free to ask questions in
   English to me.

thanks!  i was able to download and unpack the tarball using the latest
url.  the icons look very nice (i don't have a mac so i looked at the
eps and png files).  now i have some questions:

 - in the tarball, i see Emacs.icns and document.icns -- is it sufficient
   to overwrite the current Emacs.icns and add document.icns in the same
 - what about the other files in the tarball?
 - do any other (non-.icns) existing files need to be updated to
   reference the new icon files?
 - i did not see Mr. Ohkouchi in any of the ChangeLog files or in the
   top-level AUTHORS file.  this probably means we need to ask him to
   assign copyright on to the FSF.  has that process already begun?
 - can you send me a mac to test?

haha, just kidding for the last question.


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