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Re: set-locale-environement: strange default detection

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: set-locale-environement: strange default detection
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:19:24 +0200
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Sascha Wilde <address@hidden> writes:

> a friend of mine (unfortunately a vim user, but a nice guy otherwise),
> tried emacs on Gnu/Linux and was surprised that `C-h t' presented him
> the German version of the tutorial.
> His i18n environment is:
> LANG=en_US
> address@hidden
> LC_TIME="en_US"
> LC_PAPER="en_US"
> LC_NAME="en_US"
> so it should be clear, that, also he wants to be able to handle German
> texts properly, he wants his user interfaces in English.
> But set-locale-environment tests LC_CTYPE _before_ LANG, from the
> doc string: 
>   If LOCALE-NAME is nil, its value is taken from the environment
>   variables LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE and LANG (the first one that is set).
> Which IMO is an bug.  (LC_CTYPE is not supposed to be used as an
> indicator for the ui language at all, but if it is used, it should be
> used as an last resort.)

The problem is that we don't have finegrained support.  For the
purpose of talking to the user, LC_MESSAGES is relevant.  But Emacs so
rarely has the opportunity to talk anything but English to the user
that we simply have no reasonable interface into this for now.

David Kastrup

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