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Re: preprocessing Makefile

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Re: preprocessing Makefile
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 00:37:16 +0200
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() Richard Stallman <address@hidden>
() Thu, 19 Jul 2007 17:21:13 -0400

   I don't know the autoconf features that would replace it.  If
   they are equally powerful, then I don't mind if we switch to
   them.  Can you explain how they work?  How about emailing me
   (personally) the relevant documentation?

ok, i'll do that as soon as i gather my thoughts.

as for the OP's problem, the configure script includes the fragment:

  # Now get this: Some word that is part of the ${srcdir} directory name
  # or the ${configuration} value might, just might, happen to be an
  # identifier like `sun4' or `i386' or something, and be predefined by
  # the C preprocessor to some helpful value like 1, or maybe the empty
  # string.  Needless to say consequent macro substitutions are less
  # than conducive to the makefile finding the correct directory.
  undefs="`echo $top_srcdir $configuration $canonical |
  sed -e 's/[^a-zA-Z0-9_]/ /g' -e 's/^/ /' -e 's/  *$//' \
      -e 's/  */ -U/g' -e 's/-U[0-9][^ ]*//g' \

which purports to avoid the s/linux/1/ problem by arranging to
undefine (via -U) portions of the directory name (among other
stuff).  the bug is that the variable for the top srcdir is no
longer top_srcdir, but ac_top_srcdir.

to see if this diagnosis is correct, OP can change "$top_srcdir"
on the line that begins undefs=... to be "$ac_top_srcdir" in the
configure script directly (skipping the configure.in to configure
generation step), then rerun the configuration.  then let us know
what results.

i suspect `configuration' and `canonical' may likewise need to be
updated, but i haven't checked those variables.


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