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Re: The splash screens

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: The splash screens
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 17:57:16 +0200

> > 3. Do we really need to mention Useful File menu items? A user will
> > find Exit Emacs easily enough and Recover Crashed Session is kind of
> > self explaining as well. Removing this section would bring the Useful
> > tasks more into focus.
> Or we can move the "Useful tasks" section before the "Useful File menu"
> section.

Yes, that would work too, and ensure that the userful tasks be more visible.

> > 4. I think we could move the following to the bottom:
> >
> >  Absence of Warranty
> >  Copying Conditions
> >  Getting New Versions
> >  More Manuals / Ordering Manuals
> Yes, after the copyright line.

Yes, I think it would fit well there.

> Actually there are three different startup (and About) screens:
> 1. for graphic displays
> 2. for terminals with mouse available
> 3. for terminals without mouse
> There are no bindings printed if the user can select menu items
> using the mouse.

I think this is bad. I have a mouse and use it for "mousy" things, but
Emacs is very keyboard centric, so why not always display the

> I agree that the graphic screen should be shorter.

Yes, or at least we could move the lines around to get focus on what a
new user needs the most.

Are we the only ones that have an opinion on this? :) Or, is maybe the
focus on these things in the never ending *scratch*-thread?

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