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Re: gnus inserts headers in body

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: gnus inserts headers in body
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 21:32:19 -0400
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Reiner Steib wrote:

> No, I've never seen this happen for me (and I don't recall reports
> about it neither) and I edit and send drafts quite often.  Ideas
> anyone?

It has happened to me several times.

>> I've always suspected it may be some Gnus/VM interaction with
>> different settings for some message header separator...
> Are you saying that you use VM?  I don't know how VM may interact here
> as I don't know it.

Yes, I use VM as well as Gnus. I have the impression the problem
occurs when I: start Gnus, compose a message, save as draft, start VM,
do some stuff, return to Gnus, edit draft, send.

I realize it was a vague complaint, I'll try to track down more
details when I can. It may well be my fault somehow.

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