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Re: bug of display-table & make-glyph-code

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: bug of display-table & make-glyph-code
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:30:03 -0400

    term/internal.el uses multi-character glyphs to display characters
    that are not supported by the available character set.  But it doesn't
    use create-glyph, it sets up display-table so that some characters are
    displayed as strings of other characters.

That is a different feature.  It has nothing to do with create-glyph.

    > As a separate feature, you can use display-table to display a
    > character code as a series of glyphs.  But each of those glyphs
    > is supposed to occupy one space on the screen.

    It works as expected even if they occupy more than one screen space.

I think that is a misunderstanding.  The sequence of glyphs will
naturally use up more than one screen space, but on a tty
each glyph is supposed to use just one, right?

But that detail is not crucial.

    So I think create-glyph is not important for internal.el.


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