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Re: various gdba bugs and requests

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: various gdba bugs and requests
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 17:19:12 +1200

 > Oops, I wrote "gud buffer" but I meant "source buffer".  Sorry about
 > that.

OK, choice of the window for the source buffer uses serendipity and there
must be cases I've not considered.  In particular, I've not moved away from
a debug session while it's running.

 > I think what I want here is a mode where gdba understands that there
 > is a "gdb frame", and won't try to show the source buffer anywhere
 > except the designated source window in that frame.

Gdba can use more than one frame, but it should be possible to confine the
source to one frame.

 > ...
 > I've got an initial draft of some window-rearrangement code... I'll
 > send it when it works a bit better.  Basically the idea is that the
 > user can rearrange the windows and then M-x gdb-save-windows.

Any contributed code is always appreciated.

 > ...
 > Nick> If GDB crashes then that's a bug which should be reported to the
 > Nick> GDB mailing list.
 > Yeah, I agree.  But as a practical matter, gdb has crashed or wedged
 > or otherwise gotten confused on a semi-regular basis ever since I
 > first started using it.  Working around this is a survival strategy.

If your platform is standard, I'me a bit surprised it crashes that often.
I woould have thought gdba is more likely to get confused.

 > Nick> Emacs could keep session information but how would this be more
 > Nick> convenient than using the GDB command "set logging on"?
 > I think logging is not really what I want.  It saves the output of gdb
 > commands.  But, I already have that in the gud buffer.

I was thinking about saving a session for later.

 > Instead what I want is to save some state: cwd, breakpoint info,
 > command line arguments, etc.  I often want to be able to re-create a
 > gdb session; I think it would be nice if Emacs provided a way to do
 > that.

I know Eclipse and Insight save session information, perhaps Emacs could use
one of those formats.  In general, I'm not keen on project folders because it
makes it hard to transport projects from one system to another.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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