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Re: New start up splash screen annoyance...

From: Mathias Megyei
Subject: Re: New start up splash screen annoyance...
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 23:20:00 +0200

Richard Stallman writes:
 >      > The same can be accomplished by C-x C-f from inside a running Emacs.
 >     Sigh. We're working on different projects. Each project has its
 >     own environment. We have to start Emacs in the right project
 >     environment in order to have write access to the project's data.
 >     (In some cases we need to start Emacs in the right project
 >     environment even for read access.)
 > That is very strange.  Could you explain?
 > It ought to be possible to use the same Emacs for multiple
 > projects, and if it is not, we should try to do something
 > about that.

Our projects are organized in directory trees. For security
reasons the root directory of each project is protected by ACLs.
Write access is limited to the member of the projects' group.
When somebody starts working on a project he has to start a setup
script. This starts new shell, sets the projects' group to the
primary group, and sets several environment variables.
Then the user normally starts an Emacs and keeps it running until
he has to reboot his computer.

 >     The workflow you're proposing would be in this case:
 >     - submit Emacs job
 >     - wait several seconds
 >     - C-x C-f FILE
 >     - wait longer
 > No, I'm proposing that you always have an Emacs running, so when you
 > want to use it you can connect to it.

Yes we do so whenever it is possible. The above lines describe
the situation when we don't have an Emacs running on a 64 bit

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