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RE: messages override minibuffer input

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: messages override minibuffer input
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 17:24:49 -0700

>     Yet quite generally, it confuses me when I type something and
>     suddenly the text I have typed disappears. Even when the message
>     disappears again when I continue typing, a smooth work flow requires
>     that I know the last character I typed before the message appeared
>     so that I know where to continue typing while something else is
>     displayed.
> If we put such messages at the end, that may cause the minibuffer
> to grow by a line.  Would you find that disturbing?
> If not, perhaps the thing to do is to put the message below the
> current input, always growing the minibuffer.  Or put the message
> above the minibuffer contents.  What would you think of that?

Please don't do that. In general, let's try to keep echo-area messages to
one line. If they happen to be so long that they wrap, so be it. So I'd
request that we append without a newline.

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