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Re: Splitting gnus.texi

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Splitting gnus.texi
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 11:55:52 +0300
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> At least for gnus.texi, I don't see the benefit of splitting.
> It's indeed big, but is not too big to edit with Emacs.  Rather,
> I cannot ignore a disadvantage of splitting it.  I sometimes
> write in it.  Since various Gnus functions are related mutually,
> I frequently check other items concerned when I write something.
> For example, when I write description about nntp, I have to check
> whether my writing does not conflict with descriptions of other
> sections.  When I hesitate whether I should add @vindex for the
> nntp-foo-bar variable, I scan the whole gnus.texi.  I do also it
> when I examine it should be @acronym{NNTP}, @code{nntp}, or NNTP.
> Now I only need to type `C-s nntp' for them.  But if gnus.texi is
> split into 10 to 15 files, it will be quite troublesome.

We can improve C-s to search a collection of files, but this is
not implemented yet.

> I can agree with splitting if it is very useful to users, though.

This is intended for developers.  So if developers think this is
not useful then there is no need to split it.

I proposed splitting only because source files for the Emacs manual are
split into several texi files.  However, I see no clear benefits
of splitting.  Rather we could take the suggestion of Reiner and put
gnus-coding, gnus-news, gnus-faq, gnus, message, sasl, emacs-mime,
pgg and sieve into a new `gnus' subdirectory.

Juri Linkov

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