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RE: generate 3) S-mouse-2: follow link in new window

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: generate 3) S-mouse-2: follow link in new window
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 19:19:07 -0700

> > People use it all the time when surfing the Web, however their browser
> > might let them open a link in another window. In IE, for instance, you
> > can choose "Open in New Window" in the right-click context menu.
> Can we adopt this to Info?  mouse-3 is bound to mouse-save-then-kill,
> but in most other programs the equivalent function is bound to S-mouse-1
> which in Emacs is bound to mouse-set-font which is useless on the mouse
> button because it is not context-dependent and affects the whole frame,
> not the position pointed by the mouse.  It's better to add the font menu
> to the main frame menu.
> This suggestion is of course not for changing the default key bindings,
> but for compatibility key bindings defined by packages like cua.

I like Emacs's mouse-3 binding for selecting text - including in Info. I'd
prefer that we keep the context menu on C-mouse-3, in Info as in other
buffers where it is available. That fits better with Emacs, IMO. Emacs users
can learn soon enough where it is, and it's good that its location be
relatively consistent.

I like the idea of getting rid of the S-mouse-1 font-dialog binding. I use
S-mouse-1 clicks (in most buffers) to enlarge the frame font, and I use
`C-S-mouse-1' clicks to shrink the frame font. But that's just a personal
binding and I agree that, other things being equal, it's good to save mouse
bindings for things that can take advantage of the specific mouse location.

More discussion on this might help. I don't see why we shouldn't discuss
changing default bindings as well - S-mouse-1 in particular.

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