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Re: function-key-map

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: function-key-map
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 23:46:14 -0400
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> That is not necessarily a bad thing, but this map is not solely for
> producing function keys.  So lt's stay with `input-decode-map'.


> Those are valid arguments against the name `default-key-translation-map',
> but not against renaming to a different name.


>     Right now, in the term/*.el files that I've changed to take advantage of
>     input-decode-map, I've used "foo-alternative-maps" for the keymaps that
>     hold bindings that need to be added to function-key-map, so maybe we could
>     rename function-key-map to alternative-input-names-map or
>     fallback-input-rename-map?

> "Alternative" does not clearly describe the functionality, but
> "fallback" does.  (I used "default" for the same meaning.)

> So how about `key-fallback-alias-map'?

Sounds OK to me.  Should I rename input-decode-map to key-decode-map
as well?  I used `input' rather than `key' since it also applies to other
events (mouse events, etc...), but it probably makes more sense to
stay consistent.


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