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Re: Please install: Some improvements to doc-view.el

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Please install: Some improvements to doc-view.el
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 21:37:39 -0400

    > So do we really want both methods?  If so, when should each
    > method be used?  Or how should the user choose?

    I think both methods are very useful.

Why are they both useful?

    The Gnus mailcap mechanism provides several alternatives of external
    programs to run.  There are many different file types associated with
    programs in the mailcap file, not only documents supported by doc-view.

Ok, but when mailcap finds these kinds of documents,
should it run the external program or should it use doc-view?

    But I think a better way would be to allow the user to select the
    preferred program, inspect the command line and be able to edit the
    command line before running a command.  This can be achieved by putting
    program names found by the Gnus mailcap mechanism to the default value
    in the minibuffer activated after typing !  in Dired.

This seems to be a suggestion for changing the Gnus mailcap
feature.  Is that right?

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