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Re: isearch multiple buffers

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: isearch multiple buffers
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 23:37:57 +0300
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> isearch-multi.el seems like a better name for the new file.

This name is too long.  What about isearch-x.el?  It has two
meanings: "x" means "isearch extra extensions", and "x" means
"cross-file, cross-buffer search".

However, isearch-x.el causes name conflicts with international/isearch-x.el.
So alternative short names are isearchx.el or xisearch.el.

>     Also I implemented a new minor mode isearch-buffers-minor-mode
>     that sets a group of variables necessary for this feature.
>     Turning off this minor mode deletes all created buffer-local bindings.
>     So any major mode that uses this feature can simply set the variable
>     isearch-buffers-next-buffer-function and call isearch-buffers-minor-mode.
> To make this a minor mode is undesirable because we do not want users
> to enable and disable it.  I think it should simply be a subroution
> for that major modes can call.

It is likely that there are some users who won't like this feature.
I think we shouldn't make it hard to disable.

Also this minor mode could provide an indication in the mode line
(e.g. "X" or "X-Isearch" to mean cross-buffer search), so when the
search goes to another file, it will not surprise users.

>     !       (if (and (boundp 'isearch-buffers-next-buffer-function)
>     !                isearch-buffers-next-buffer-function
>     !                (boundp 'isearch-buffers-current-buffer)
> Why test boundp of these variables.  Isn't it better to have them
> always always bound, and just test for non-nil?

OK, I will add the ###autoload cookie to their defvar in the source file.

Juri Linkov

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