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RE: recording-elisp.el - try recording commands as elisp code

From: yzhh
Subject: RE: recording-elisp.el - try recording commands as elisp code
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 13:40:46 +0800
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Drew Adams wrote:

> IOW, consider promoting some of the design discussion you are having now
> to interactive user choices. Just a suggestion to keep in mind. I have no
> idea how feasible this is.

I agree with you on offering choices to users, both custom options and
recording time interactions. So we are supposed to discuss what choices to

Allow me repeat them here (to make it clearer):
1. three choices for recording one isearch session:
    a. Record the last isearch item as a constant string search
    b. Record all successful isearch item as constant string searches
    c. Record all interactions, (especially) including yanking into the
search string.
2. two choices for recording minibuffer interactions:
    a. Totally ignore them, recording only the final command (this is for
M-x interactions, I haven't thought clearly about others)
    b. Record all interactions so that we replay everything including
yanking into the minibuffer.
3. two choices for recording case-fold-search value:
    a. Totally ignore.
    b. Record (and replay) case-fold value in-use at start of recording, and
every toggle-case-fold command during that.

Please note that I have also expressed the "maybe" infeasibility of choices
1.c and 2.b (given currently available commands). I would deeply appreciate
if anyone suggest solutions.


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