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Re: address@hidden: compilation regexps for perl and weblint]

From: Vinicius Jose Latorre
Subject: Re: address@hidden: compilation regexps for perl and weblint]
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 14:48:27 -0300
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Dan Nicolaescu wrote:
Vinicius Jose Latorre <address@hidden> writes:

  > Richard Stallman wrote:
  > > Would someone please install these error patterns in the trunk,
  > > if they are correct?  (I cannot tell if they are correct.)
  > >
  > > We have papers from Kevin Ryde.
> > > > Installed in the trunk.

Both new files do something like:
;;;###autoload (eval-after-load "compile" '(require 'compilation-perl))

the goal is just to add some patterns to
compilation-error-regexp-alist*. Isn't this ugly?
For an outside package this is OK. But IMHO when including this stuff
in emacs it might be a better idea to just add the patterns to
compile.el and be done with it.

Is there any problem if I just installed the patterns
into compile.el as Dan suggests?

If the patterns are installed into compile.el, should the
compilation-perl.el and compilation-weblint.el files be removed?

If the patterns are not installed into compile.el, could I insert
at end of those files a command like below?

   (eval-after-load "compile" '(require 'compilation-perl))

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