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Re: New keybinding suggestion: C-x _ for `shrink-window'

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: New keybinding suggestion: C-x _ for `shrink-window'
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 02:45:30 +0000
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Hi Drew,

I switched back to the loop.  The feedback looks more accurate.  The
only problem is about numeric prefixes, but I hope I can handle this

I see your point about "editing" windows instead of simply resizing
them.  What about windconfig.el?  BTW, "winsize.el" sounds a bit like
...spam to me (no offense.)  Why not "enlarge.el"?

As for the prompt, "[023=+-~srq? (S-)arrows]" looks unclear to me.  
I will work on this once I solve the problem with the numeric prefixes
and I'm sure that the functionality won't move.

Whether you want C-<arrows> or not is controled by the user variable
`windresize-modifiers'.  We might find better defaults later.

For "opposite borders" and "inwards", I will get rid of unclarity when
the functionality are more steady.  And I'll handle the problem with the
help window when I know what I put in this window.

Again, thanks for the feedback!


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