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compile.el compilation-start overrides frame preference

From: John J Foerch
Subject: compile.el compilation-start overrides frame preference
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 20:17:35 -0500
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In compile.el, the function `compilation-start' contains:

  (setq outwin (display-buffer outbuf nil t))

The third parameter of display-buffer (given as `t' in this call)
overrides the user setting of display-buffer-reuse-frames.  My
personal preference would be for compilation-start to not override my
setting of display-buffer-reuse-frames, but perhaps there should be a
new user variable in compile.el to control this behavior.

To give you an idea of why I encountered this: I use emacs' grep.el a
lot, which uses compile.el for its buffer output.  I wanted to make
the `*grep*' buffer always appear in the selected frame, instead of
raising another frame is already displaying the *grep* buffer.

What do you think?

John Foerch

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