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Re: Emacs.app (Cocoa/GNUstep port) release and feature list

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: Emacs.app (Cocoa/GNUstep port) release and feature list
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 14:56:32 +0000


thanks for working on the port - one can tell that there has been a lot of progress.

A couple of comments.

In general: do you support the established Mac specific customization variables? In particular:

- Keyboard handling: Support platform "Command" key as "Super".

Is this a default, and can it be changed using `mac-command-modifier'?
While your default is good (similar to what we have in Aquamacs, after all), I know that a lot of users like to configure Command to be Meta, especially when using keyboard layouts that require the use of the Option key to type things like curly brackets, the backlash or @ sign.

- Customization: Preferences panel for major GUI settings.

 This feature has no equivalent on other systems, but need not be
used and does not interfere with standard means of customization.
Backed by lisp-accessible variables and persisted via the X resources

There is no way to customize these dialogs via Lisp, i.e. add new options? While I find the UI approach very good, I think that a lack of interaction with the Lisp side of things would be rather un-Emacs-like.

Secondly, why introduce yet another system to store (rather than just load) Emacs-specific configuration variables?
There  is `custom-file', and users can edit their .emacs.

What do you do when settings conflict?

A couple of other questions w.r.t. known problems with the Carbon port:

- does your port run from anywhere in the system like any good application? The current Carbon port (including 22.1) crashes when started from directories with non-7-bit ASCII path names, such as / Applications/Développement/

- does your port play nice with multi-screen setups, especially when screens are of different size? The Carbon port doesn't.

- does your port take care to not open frames underneath the Dock (or otherwise) or enlarge them too much when changing font sizes? (Aquamacs / Carbon has trouble with this at the moment)

- David

PS.: I can't run rc3 on my 10.5.1. machine. It quits immediately. If you need more info, let me know.

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