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Why does the key binding list say "Prefix Command"?

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Why does the key binding list say "Prefix Command"?
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 17:41:13 +0100
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If you add something like this to a doc string


the listing may contain several entries where the key binding is "Prefix Command". In what way is it useful to tell this in the list? Does not that just confuse users?

PS: Some time ago I asked if not commands in key binding listings should be surrounded with apostrophes (ie `the-command') so that they were made into clickabe links. I think I got no respons. What do you think?

In addition to that I wonder if it would not be useful with an optional long form of the key binding listing where the first line of the doc string where put on the line below (indented with some spaces).

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