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RE: recenter-top-bottom

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: recenter-top-bottom
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 08:22:47 -0800

> > Top and bottom destinations are actually `scroll-conservatively' lines
> > from true window top and bottom."
> I don't think this is right.  `scroll-conservatively' is commonly set to
> "a large value".

Well, the code could certainly be changed to use a different user option from 
`scroll-conservatively' - perhaps a new option. I said in a previous post:

> I don't think it is worthwhile to have a new, separate
> option for this, since the purpose of `scroll-conservatively'
> is about the same - it seems like a good fit.

FWIW, I still think that's the case. Why do you think that 
`scroll-conservatively' is commonly set to a large value? The default value is 
0, and the Emacs manual says this:

 "if you set `scroll-conservatively' to a small number N,
 then if you move point just a little off the screen--less
 than N lines--then Emacs scrolls the text just far enough
 to bring point back on screen."

That suggests that using a small number is not uncommon; it might even be said 
to suggest that a small number be used.

Why would someone typically use a large number? More importantly, why would a 
number that is appropriate for normal use of `scroll-conservatively' not also 
be appropriate for `recenter-top-bottom'?

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