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RE: recenter-top-bottom

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: recenter-top-bottom
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 20:53:49 -0800

> the doc string of scroll-step says this:
>     "If you want scrolling to always be a line at a time, you should set
>     `scroll-conservatively' to a large value rather than set this to 1."

Where "this" refers to `scroll-step', not `scroll-conservatively', presumably. 
That could be made clearer, BTW. And "a large value" could be made clearer 
also: example? What's large?

> When scroll-conservatively is changed, it's usually for this reason, I
> think. (See Richard's explanation.)

1. Then change the `recenter-top-bottom' code to use a new user option, or some 
other existing option that is more appropriate than `scroll-conservatively'.

2. FWIW, the manual, the `scroll-step' doc string, and Richard seem to be 
saying different things. The manual (Emacs, node Auto Scrolling) says that you 
can use "a small number" for `scroll-conservatively' to scroll "the text just 
far enough to bring point back on screen". The doc string of `scroll-step' says 
that you can use "a large value" for `scroll-conservatively' to scroll "a line 
at a time". Those can both be true, but they would seem to be different uses of 
the option. 

Richard says that he sets `scroll-conservatively' to a large value to "bring 
point onto the screen by scrolling, with even one line of overlap". That 
doesn't seem to be the same thing as scrolling "a line at a time".

I'm not saying that anyone is wrong or that the doc should be changed (I don't 
know). And I'm no longer claiming that `scroll-conservatively' is appropriate 
for `recenter-top-bottom' (use some other option, if you like). I'm saying only 
that the uses or interpretations of `scroll-conservatively' seem various.

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