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unicode branch:_ error in ftfont.c under fedora 8

From: Eric Lilja
Subject: unicode branch:_ error in ftfont.c under fedora 8
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 16:59:54 +0100
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I'm normally a windows user but I just got fedora 8 working on my laptop and I needed to do some work on it using emacs. I use emacs under windows, solaris and fedora and have on monolithic .emacs file so I don't have to maintain different versions. However, I noticed the font I used under fedora 7 didn't want to work under fedora 8 and none of the very few fonts availabe when I tried shift+left mouse button was satisfying. I got the idea that I should try and build the emacs-23 branch to see if I could get emacs to use the font bitstream vera sans mono which I installed. I downloaded the sources with: $ cvs -z3 -d:pserver:address@hidden:/sources/emacs co -r emacs-unicode-2 emacs
Configured with:
$ ./configure --with-gtk --enable-font-backend --with-xft
and then
$ make bootstrap

It stops with an error in ftfont.c:
ftfont.c: In function 'ftfont_open':
ftfont.c:738: error: 'struct ftfont_info' has no member 'maybe_otf'
ftfont.c:739: error: 'struct ftfont_info' has no member 'otf'

I'm writing this from windows so I hope I copied all the text correctly (I haven't setup my mail, news and gmane-reader under fedora yet).
Hope this information will be of some help.

- Eric

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