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Re: unused local variables

From: 山本和彦
Subject: Re: unused local variables
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 11:30:54 +0900 (JST)


> What I want to say is that case-fold-search in the following example
> > is not warned with XEmacs because it is defined with 'defvar'.
> So, yes: what you propose is forcing `defvar' for dynamic variables
> used across function boundaries.

Probaby you misunderstood. I did not use the word "force".

Let me explain the whole story:

(defvar my-global-var nil)

(defun my-func1 ()
  (setq my-local-inherit-var (1+ my-local-inherit-var)))

(defun my-func()
  (let ((my-global-var t)         ;; <1>
        (my-local-var 1)          ;; <2>
        (my-local-inherit-var 2)) ;; <3>
    ;; code which does not refer these three variabls above

My purpose is to detect <2>.

XEmacs warns both <2> and <3>. I said this is good enough because
I can find <2>.

To suppress warnings of <3>, there would be two options:

(1) Provide a option to suppress unused local variables (both <2> and
    <3>). It means that this option does not change Emacs's current

(2) Prepare a *temporary* defvar for <3> when byte-compiling only for
   detection purpose. After removing <2>, you can byte-compile without
   the temporary defvar (and ignoring a warning) and install the elc


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