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Re: General variable for verbosity level.

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: General variable for verbosity level.
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 13:44:18 -0800
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I got rid of the regular loading/saving messages in saveplace.el,
which is what David originally suggested.

Eli spoke up in favor of having such messages, but it's not clear that
the majority of users know or care about them, and loading/saving
places is such a fast operation that there's no user-visible delay to

It may well be that Emacs should have a general variable to control
verbosity level, and if so, I'd certainly be in favor of saveplace.el
using that variable.  But since we don't currently have that variable,
saveplace.el has to make a decision, and I think the best choice is
not to display the messages (even though, as with any behavior, there
is always someone out there who wishes otherwise, no doubt for
perfectly good reasons).

I started a thread on having such a general variable, but -- my
apologies -- I do not have time to actually implement it or even play
honest broker in the discussion.  So I'm withdrawing from that thread.
If it results in actual code, though, I'll happily make whatever
change to saveplace.el is needed to use the new system.


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