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RE: address@hidden: use-file-dialog should not apply tomouse in *Complet

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: address@hidden: use-file-dialog should not apply tomouse in *Completions*]
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 14:51:13 -0800

> >>> - it's too common to want a file dialog box for menus and tool-bar
> >>> buttons but not for *Completions*.
> I highly doubt the "common".

I said "too common", not "common" or even "more common". Too common for the
current (bugged, IMO) behavior to be the only one available. Either the
other behavior should be the only one available, or an option should let you

However, wrt common or more common (since you bring it up): I do think it is
more common to want to use the mouse in a consistent way with completion.

If you are using completion (e.g. M-x), and the command you pick (e.g.
`find-file-other-window') also uses completion, the fact that you choose to
pick the command name with the mouse might suggest that you would also
choose to pick the file name with the mouse (in *Completions*). I expect it
to be less common for someone to want to click mouse-2 on
`file-file-other-window' but not want to click mouse-2 on the file name and
instead dig it out of the file dialog box.

But who knows? Users are various. Add yet another option, if you like.

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