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Re: Proposed function: x-display-usable-bounds

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Proposed function: x-display-usable-bounds
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 08:56:18 -0500
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> It seems the 'x-' prefix may sometimes mean "X-windows display
> function" but is mostly used as "generic windowing system function".

Usually it started as "X-only" and then code started to use it and in
order not to have to fix it other backends also used "x-" when
implementing the corresponding feature.

But this is wrong and should be fixedm and has been fixed in several
cases (e.g. most of the functions that start with "display-").

> Changing this might be good but it would make the most sense to do it
> all at once after determining the best plan.

Yes, maybe it should be fixes wholesale as well, but at least let's not
make things worse than they already are.

> Note there is also an 'xw-' prefix used for some functions (e.g.
> xw-color-defined-p).

Indeed.  And notice that there's `color-defined-p' as well, which is the
one that should be used.


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