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defcustom-c-stylevar rewrite: rfc #3

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: defcustom-c-stylevar rewrite: rfc #3
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 09:30:49 +0100

below is a rewrite for `defcustom-c-stylevar' in cc-vars.el that
gets rid of old-style backquote and adds documentation.  if you
are annoyed by byte-compiler warnings re old-style backquote in
cc-vars.el, please try this out and report any problems.  i get
the feeling that cc-*.el compilation is pretty hairy, so bug
reports from "make bootstrap" are more welcome than those from
"make" (after normal "cvs update").


(defmacro defcustom-c-stylevar (name val doc &rest args)
  "Define a style variable NAME with VAL and DOC.
More precisely, convert the given `:type FOO', mined out of ARGS,
to an aggregate `:type (radio STYLE (PREAMBLE FOO))', append some
some boilerplate documentation to DOC, arrange for the fallback
value of NAME to be VAL, and call `custom-declare-variable' to
do the rest of the work.

STYLE stands for the choice where the value is taken from some
style setting.  PREAMBLE is optionally prepended to FOO; that is,
if FOO contains :tag or :value, the respective two-element list
component is ignored."
  (declare (debug (symbolp form stringp &rest)))
  (let* ((expanded-doc (concat doc "

This is a style variable.  Apart from the valid values described
above, it can be set to the symbol `set-from-style'.  In that case,
it takes its value from the style system (see `c-default-style' and
`c-style-alist') when a CC Mode buffer is initialized.  Otherwise,
the value set here overrides the style system (there is a variable
`c-old-style-variable-behavior' that changes this, though)."))
         (typ (eval (plist-get args :type)))
         (type (if (consp typ) typ (list typ)))
         (head (car type))
         (tail (cdr type))
         (newt (append (unless (plist-get tail :tag)
                         '(:tag "Override style settings"))
                       (unless (plist-get tail :value)
                         `(:value ,val))
         (aggregate `'(radio
                       (const :tag "Use style settings" set-from-style)
                       ,(cons head newt))))
       (c-set-stylevar-fallback ',name ,val)
        ',name ''set-from-style
        ,@(plist-put args :type aggregate)))))

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