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Re: Fixing numerous `message' bugs..

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Fixing numerous `message' bugs..
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 12:17:58 -0500

    +++ b/lisp/textmodes/artist.el
    @@ -1151,14 +1151,14 @@ PREV-OP-ARG are used when invoked recursively 
during the build-up."
       (let ((next-op (cdr (cdr (assoc artist-curr-go 
         (artist-select-operation next-op)
    -    (message next-op)))
    +    (message (and next-op "%s") next-op)))

I have a feeling that next-op is always supposed to be non-nil, and I
think artist-select-operation will get en error if next-op is not nil.
So I think the `and' is not needed.  How about asking the `artist.el'

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