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Re: Pcompletion for ssh and scp

From: Phil Hagelberg
Subject: Re: Pcompletion for ssh and scp
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 11:09:04 -0800
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Edward O'Connor <address@hidden> writes:

> Could you also complete from 'Host' entries in ~/.ssh/config? I have
> lots of shortcut hosts in there like so:

I thought about this, but then I asked myself: is it likely that you'll
have something in your config file that hasn't been added to your
known_hosts file? It seems like this is an edge case that only occurs
when you copy a config file to a fresh machine. Once you've SSHed to
that machine, an entry will get added to known_hosts.

So for this entry:
> | Host andromeda
> | HostName andromeda.dapyr.net
scanning the config file doesn't get you anything. You type andr TAB and
you get the right host, except for the first time before it's been added
to known_hosts.

For this one though; that won't work since the alias for the hostname
doesn't resemble the hostname at all.
> | Host rakim
> | HostName cfhp.org

However, this seems like an edge case. I've never come across a
situation like this, and I don't imagine it's very common. If you want
to write a patch that will allow config file parsing, that'd be great,
but it doesn't really interest me since the value/effort ratio seems
quite low.


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