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RE: always put Customizations in `custom-file', never in `user-init-file

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: always put Customizations in `custom-file', never in `user-init-file'
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 22:04:26 -0800

> > If an old `user-init-file' already has Customizations, then the explicit
> > (load-file custom-file) should replace them at the same location.
> My explicit (load custom-file) is not at top-level.

Does your init file have Customize settings (`custom-set-*')? If not, then
nothing should need to be done to it.

In any case, I agree that migration - getting Customize stuff out of user
init files - might not be 100% automatic, without some user intervention.

Let's first see if we can agree on what the end result should be. Then we
can see how we might get there.

There are degrees of possible agreement. At the lowest level, I hope we can
all agree that the doc should recommend using a separate custom file.

I hope we can agree to more than that - I hope that we can agree to stop
letting Customize save to the init file. And I hope we can agree on a safe
and relatively painless way to get to a situation where users will have
separate custom and init files (if they have both).

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