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Re: MAC_OS_X cpp macro?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: MAC_OS_X cpp macro?
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 13:57:48 -0500
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>> MAC_OS               Compiling for some version of Mac OS?

> In short, it corresponds to (eq window-system 'mac), or is equivalent
> to `MAC_OS8 || (MAC_OSX && HAVE_CARBON)'.  Currently it can be said as
> "Compile support for the Mac native GUI", but this will no longer be
> true if the Cocoa port is merged.

Hmm... see below.

>> MAC_OSX              Compiling for Mac OS X?  Is that also valid for Darwin?
> Compiling for Mac OS X.  Not valid for bare Darwin.
> Also, DARWIN should not be defined for Mac OS X because it is used for
> distinguishing them in CoreFoundation.h.


>> HAVE_CARBON  Compile support for the Carbon GUI.  Requires MAC_OS?

> Yes.  For MAC_OS8, either of HAVE_CARBON and !HAVE_CARBON is possible
> and the native GUI is used anyway.

What's the difference between MAC_OS8 with HAVE_CARBON and MAC_OS8
without HAVE_CARBON?

If there is none, then HAVE_CARBON and MAC_OS seem to be equivalent.


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