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Re: view-mode exit hook?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: view-mode exit hook?
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 22:52:03 +0100
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> What is the recommended way to run some code when view-mode exits? For
> entering view-mode, `view-mode-hook' can be used (it is run by
> `view-mode-enable'), but I don't see anything equivalent for exiting. Are
> users supposed to advise view-mode code (e.g. `view-mode-exit'), or is there
> a better, recommended course of action?
> My use case: When view-mode is entered, my own code fits the frame (assuming
> it's one-window-p) to the viewed buffer. My tweaked version of
> `display-buffer' takes care of that. But when view-mode is exited, the frame
> is not re-fit to the buffer that is now displayed there. I'm looking for a
> way to call my function `fit-frame', preferably via a hook run after
> view-mode has exited and the other buffer is displayed in the frame, that
> is, at the very end of `view-mode-exit'.
> Even better, perhaps, would be for view-mode to restore the frame config
> after it exits. That way, the frame would return to its prior state for the
> buffer that was shown there previously. That is preferable for two reasons:
> (1) no need to explicitly re-fit the buffer and (2) if the user had manually
> resized the frame for the prior buffer, returning to that buffer would not
> override the user's frame size preference by fitting it.

`view-mode-hook' is hardly suitable for observing window configuration
changes.  When `view-mode-hook' is called, the window used for viewing
might be already there or not exist yet.  `temp-buffer-setup-hook' seems
more useful here.  `view-mode-hook' could be used, however, to put a
function on `post-command-hook' which sets `view-exit-action'
appropriately.  Since `view-exit-action' is called before exiting
`view-mode' it could call `fit-frame'.

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